Join us in celebrating the release of the Scholomance Academy expansion pack! Join the next generation of great fire flingers, axe swingers, and doom bringers who study under the scrutinizing eye of Headmaster Kel’Thuzad and compete to represent your University in the ‘Scholomance Uni Cup’!


Competitors can expect fierce competition, prizes to be won and reputation to be gained!

More information below.

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Sign-ups are open for all currently enrolled Universty students, with registrations open from 24th July until the 9th August 2020.

North Regional group – 15th-16th August
East Regional Group – 22nd-23rd August
South Regional Group – 29th-30th August
West + NZ Regional Group – 5th-6th September
Grand Finals – 12th-13th September

The tournament will be split into two stages:

Stage 1 – Groups

Players will be seeded into one of four groups determined by which University they are enrolled at. These groups are North, South, East and West + NZ.

Each group will complete a Double Elimination Tournament bracket. 

Please read the rules section ‘12. Conference Breakdown’ to confirm which universities are in each group.

Stage 2 – Grand Finals

The Grand Finals will feature 16 universities completing a Double Elimination tournament bracket comprising of four of the best students from separate universities in each regional group.

1st place: Trophy, Mega Bundle and Power Core card back

2nd place: Mega Bundle and Power Core card back

3rd place: Mega Bundle and Power Core card back

4th place: Mega Bundle and Power Core card back

5-8th place: Regular Bundle and Power Core card back

9-16th place: Power Core card back

All Participants: Dalaran Flame card back for participation (need to play at least one (1) full match)

Scholomance Academy Mega Bundle

Power Core Card Back

Scholomance Academy Regular Bundle

Dalaran Flame Card Back

North Group Results

  1. Pend (USC)
  2. Tempest2000 (UQ)
  3. Blackthorn (SCU)
  4. sammybelly (QUT)

East Group Results

  1. Yazboole (UON)
  2. Ulquiorra (UNSW)
  3. pLaTiNuM (UTS)
  4. ItsMifsud (MQ)

South Group Results

  1. TheKiing (UOM)
  2. JHealzz (SUT)
  3. GiantHammer (MON)
  4. Toxicantship (UNISA)

West Group Results

  1. Kangamoony (UWA)
  2. NDPisPNash (Curtin)

New Zealand Group Results

  2. skalerz (UOW)

Is the Scholomance Uni Cup open to anyone?

This event is open to all for residents in Australia & New Zealand who are currently enrolled as university students. Players must be be able to demonstrate proof of enrollment and aged 18 and over to play!

How many players can register?

There is a 64 player cap per region to how many can participate, sign-ups are based on a first in, first served basis so make sure you sign-up today and invite some friends along as well!

The Scholomance Academy expansion is amazing, but what if I don't any cards in the deck?

There is no minimum requirement to compete using Scholomance Academy cards so please sign up anyway. We won’t judge.

For the Grand Finals, thanks to Blizzard, we will provide each finalist with a tournament account that features all the cards from the Scholomance Academy expansion unlocked! Finalists will be required to play with a minimum of cards from this deck, join us in showcasing how awesome these cards can be!

And exactly how does one win the Scholomance Uni Cup?

It’s a numbers game.

Players will compete in their respective regions group by winning against their opponents through a double elimination series. The best in each group will advance to the Grand Finals playoffs and complete a finals double elimination. The ultimate winner is decided by who can beat all their opponents.

What if I have another question?

The best way to get in touch with our team is to join the AEL Discord linked above!

Otherwise: Email us through here!

Or you can message us through any one of our social pages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible!

What if I don't have Hearthstone but still want to play?

All are welcome to play! Download the game today and get involved for your first taste of Hearthstone competition and a fun experience!

Make sure to join the AEL discord prior to play and for extra help!

At Scholomance Academy, the halls, laboratories, dungeons, and libraries contain every magical or mighty tool you’ll need to realize your pursuits of academic excellence.

Click through to learn more about the expansion and enhance your decks today!